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Los Angeles Maternity and Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

I did not want maternity photos when I was pregnant, so I did not take them. I actually don’t have very many photos of me pregnant. I didn’t realize then what a beautiful season of life it was at the time, but I know now. When I look at photos of my mom after becoming one myself, do you know which one is my favorite? The one where she is pregnant with me.

Pregnancy is the first step of the shortest-longest journey in life, Motherhood. It’s hard to imagine in this moment that someday your son or daughter will be as old as you are now. I still can’t imagine it, but they will want to see how you looked as they were listening to your heartbeat from the inside of you.

When we welcome our little being Earthside, there are so many little moments and details that we can’t ever imagine not remembering. I am not so far away from the time when my daughter was brand new, and I am shocked at the little things I can’t call to mind. Don’t let those precious new moments slip from your grasp.

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